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Xendurance FUEL-5
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  • Xendurance FUEL-5
  • Xendurance FUEL-5

Xendurance FUEL-5

Developed with Functional Fitness, Cross Training Games Champion Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, FUEL-5 from Xendurance is the ultimate in cutting edge energy supplements for Cross Training and Functional Fitness athletes.

With a unique blend of quick and sustained energy sources, FUEL-5 delivers the perfect balance of carbohydrates, lactate and nutrients, effective for high intensity or endurance workouts and optimising your recovery.

FUEL-5 is now your go to source for the highest quality performance and recovery.

What are the benefits to a functional fitness athlete?

  • Quick burning carbs for fast energy & intensity
  • Slow burning carbs for sustained energy
  • Energy & Carb blend helps stabilise of blood sugar levels
  • Electrolytes & vitamins b6 & B12 to assist recovery
  • Helps to eliminate cramping and muscle burn
  • Clean and light flavour for extended training sessions

Xendurance FUEL-5

How is FUEL-5 different?

  • The unique FUEL-5 formula features four different types of carbohydrates along with 500mg of lactate per single serving.
  • The blend of lactate, maltodextrin, dextrose, sucrose, and organic sweet potato is optimized for promoting glycogen synthesis and stabilizing blood sugar levels during training.
  • FUEL-5 also includes a healthy mix of electrolytes, B vitamins, and calcium, all in a great tasting, berry-blend flavor.

How do I use FUEL-5?

  • Pre Workout: 2 Scoops of FUEL-5 with 240ml of water
  • Post Workout: After 15 minutes, 1 Scoop of FUEL-5 with 240ml of water

Flavour: Berry Blend

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