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Sling Shot Hip Circle 2.0 - RED
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  • Sling Shot Hip Circle 2.0 - RED
  • Sling Shot Hip Circle 2.0 - RED
  • Sling Shot Hip Circle 2.0 - RED
  • Sling Shot Hip Circle 2.0 - RED

The Sling Shot Hip 2.0 is new and improved, redesigned with a stronger material. Used by high level coaches such as Kelly Starrett and Jesse Burdick, the Hip Circle 2.0 activates not only your hips and glutes but your entire body.

Use this essential tool to improve your squats, deadlifts and build strength and stability in your hits. Game changer to your warm up and optimise high quality movement.

How does the Hip Circle 2.0 benefit the Functional Fitness Athlete?

  • The Hip Circle® 2.0 can be used for hip and glute activation/strength as well as dynamic warm up.

How is the 2.0 different from the original Sling Shot Hip Circle?

  • This Hip Circle® is a made of a stronger material than the regular hip circle and provides greater resistance.


    • Activate muscles around the hips and glutes
    • Improves technique and gets you stronger, faster
    • Hip Circle band adds resistance to strengthen hip abductors and external rotators
    • This resistance helps keep the knees pushed out during squats and deadlifts
    • Ideal for warm up before workouts for glutes, hips and hamstrings


    • Width: 3.25”
    • Color: Red
    • Size Options: L and XL

    Size Guide:

    Weight Sling Shot Size
    Under 230 LBS  (Under 104kg)
    Over 230 LBS  (104kg + )

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