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Muscle Pharm - Combat Protein
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  • Muscle Pharm -  Combat Protein
  • Muscle Pharm -  Combat Protein
  • Muscle Pharm -  Combat Protein

Muscle Pharm -  Combat Protein

Muscle Pharm's Combat Protein Powder is the ultimate time released protein super food. With a select variety of proteins, allowing your body to digest at varying rates your muscles are feed for up to 8 hours after consumed. 


  • 25g of high quality protein
  • Supports muscle growth
  • Fuels recovery
  • Maximises the body's adaptive response to hard training
  • Assist your body's increased protein demands through hard training
  • Easy to mix and delicious taste.

How can this help Cross Training or Functional Fitness Athletes?
When you train hard, you demand a superior and more effective protein. Combat protein includes a variety of proteins that feed your muscles for up to 8 hours. Ensuring the anabolic pathways and recovery is optimised, your body receives the fast acting protein post workout and sustained release of protein in the period after. 

When should I be taking Combat Protein?

Combat Protein is ideal to take during the day, allowing the blend of whey protein (fast absorbing), egg protein (medium absorbing) and casein protein (slow absorbing) to take effect.

Sizes: 907g, 1.8Kg or 4.5Kg

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Muscle Pharm -  Combat Protein

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