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Maddog Sling Shot - EXTRA FIRM
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  • Maddog Sling Shot - EXTRA FIRM
  • Maddog Sling Shot - EXTRA FIRM
  • Maddog Sling Shot - EXTRA FIRM

Take it up a level with The Maddog Sling Shot®. DOUBLE PLY makes it twice as thick as the Original Sling Shot®.

Named after Mike "Maddog" Bell, this Sling Shot® has more bite.

You want a Sling Shot® for extreme overload on the bench? Well now you got it.

In most cases you will need at least 125Kg on the bar just to get the bar to touch when using the Maddog! This Sling Shot® is for the EXPERIENCED LIFTER.

If this is your first Sling Shot®, we recommend you start with the Original and work your way up to the Maddog.

Suitable for:

  • Bench Press, dips, assistance ring dips and muscle ups

    Size Guide:

    By Bodyweight

    • 63-82Kg - Large
    • 83-100Kg - Extra Large
    • 100-136Kg - Extra Extra Large

    TWL Recommendation: If you are really tall (over 6'4") or have especially big forearms you need to order one size larger. If you are not sure what size you need, best to order one size up. 

    Check out the full range of Sling Shot by Mark Bell!

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