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True Protein - True Post Mix - Rich Chocolate
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  • True Protein - True Post Mix - Rich Chocolate

TRUE POST helps your muscles recover and rebuild so you can hit that next WOD hard!

Bounce back from fatigue and reset, with just one serving.

Designed in conjunction with experts to ensure that the post workout mix contains proper amounts of supplements to maximise recovery after a gruelling WOD.

Advantages for Functional Fitness athletes:

  • From a heavy lifting sessions to a gruelling Metcon, as Functional Fitness Athletes we place unique demands on our body. While many supplement companies attempt to understand Functional Fitness, they are simply trying to sell us products formulated for bodybuilding and globo-gym workouts.
  • True Protein have devised a formula that addressed the specific requirements of the Functional Fitness Athlete with the TRUE POST Mix.

What's the secret?

  • The carefully formulated POST WOD contains a complete powerhouse blend of the finest ingredients that are proven to give your body what it needs to recover faster from your WOD and come back stronger for tomorrow.
  • The TRUE POST Mix contains real amounts of supplements needed for recovery.
  • From our experience other brands who have a post workout mix tend to only add trace elements of needed supplements and try to pass off as their post workout mix. 
  • The unique balance of carbohydrates assist to directly refuel and replenish your energy stores, while the protein and amino acids rebuild your muscles and enhance growth.

Health Benefits:

  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • All Natural
  • Diabetic Friendly
  • Wheat Free

Serving Suggestions

  • Add 2 Large Scoops (80g) to 300-400ml of water. Consume within 30 minutes after your WOD.

The Ingredients:

  • 28g Whey Protein Isolate - Premium quality New Zealand grass-fed protein, packed full of amino acids.

  • 31g Dextrose - High GI carb, rapidly replenish glycogen levels, enhance nutrient absorption

  • 6g Ajinomoto BCAA's+ (4:1:1 ratio) - Delay the onset of muscular fatigue, enhance muscle performance, improve muscle size.

  • 2.5g Creapure Creatine Monohydrate - Increase explosive energy for boosts in muscle growth and workout intensity.

  • 1.8g Beta Alanine - Delay onset of muscular fatigue, increase explosive energy and muscle growth.

  • 1.8g Glutamine - Enhance delivery of amino's to the muscles.

  • 1g Taurine - Boost energy, endurance and muscular strength.

  • 1g Acetyl L-Carnitine - Improve mental focus and workout performance.

  • 10mg BioPerine - Enhance absorption of True POST formula.

Nutritional Information: click to enlarge

The WOD Life & True Protein - Post WOD Mix - 1.12kg - Rich Chocolate

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