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True Protein - Beta Alanine - 50 Serves
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  • True Protein - Beta Alanine - 50 Serves

Beta Alanine from True Protein is one of the core supplements recommended to boost your CrossFit and Functional Fitness training. Beta Alanine delays the onset of muscle fatigue and the build up of lactic acid, giving us the ability to push for extra weight on the bar or increase our repetitions.

Key Benefits

  • Delays onset of muscular fatigue
  • Non-essential amino acid
  • Increase repetitions and workout intensity
  • Works synergistically with Creatine
  • Easily mixes with other supplements

What is True Beta Alanine?

True Beta Alanine is a naturally occurring, non-essential amino acid that is produced by the body and is also available from a variety of wholefoods such as pork and fish.

Beta alanine combines in the body with a substance called Histidine to form Carnosine. By increasing Carnosine levels, research indicates that we can simultaneously increase our ability to enhance our workout intensity and duration.

How can True Beta Alanine enhance my training?            

Beta Alanine’s attribute of increasing Carnosine levels in the body can have extremely beneficial effects on overall performance during training. Carnosine has been researched to enhance the time period before muscular failure is reached by buffering the build-up of fatiguing hydrogen ions and lactic acid.

By enabling our body this extra gear we can essentially achieve more repetitions at heavier weights, which has the knock on effect ofstimulating lean muscle growth. Additional research has indicated Beta Alanine has a synergistic effect with creatine, as the 2 substances combine together releasing a potent energy blast.

Can I use True Beta Alanine with other supplements?

Yes, due to Beta Alanine's potent training enhancement effects, not only do we advise that it can be stacked as a shake but we strongly reccommend it. Beta Alanine has been researched to work synergistically with Creatine during workouts so it is an absolute no brainer to combine these substances together as part of your pre workout shake.

Serving Suggestions:

Add 1 Small TP Scoop (roughly 4g-6g) to any liquid of your choice and consume daily.

On training days consider splitting the dosage into 2 serves of 2-3 grams (half a Small TP scoop) both pre and post workout. True Beta Alanine can be stacked as part of a protein shake. Beta Alanine’s effectiveness is strongly correlated with its ability to raise Carnosine levels within the body. Research so far has indicated that Carnosine levels have continued to rise from doses ranging from 1.6g to 4g. There is no conclusive evidence as to what point these levels would begin to plateau.

Nutritional Info:

True Protein Beta Alanine

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