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True Protein - Japanese Glutamine - 50 Serves
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  • True Protein - Japanese Glutamine - 50 Serves

Ajinomoto Glutamine from True Protein maintains your lean muscle mass, while also supporting your immune systems during sustained high intensity training. True Proteins flavourless glutamine allows you to supplement together with your favourite protein with a mix easy formula.

Key Benefits

  • Withstand sustained intensive training

  • Assist vital body functions

  • Maintains healthy immune function

  • Non-essential amino acid

What is True Japanese Glutamine?

True Ajinomoto Glutamine is a premium pharmaceutical grade L-Glutamine that offers the ultimate choice in Glutamine supplementation. Glutamine is primarily used for maintaining muscle as well as supporting immune and intestinal health

True Protein has partnered with Ajinomoto, a Japanese company renowned for producing premium quality amino acids for the last century. They use patented technology to ensure that every product they produce is maximum purity. Ajinomoto use 100% natural, raw ingredients of non-animal origin in the production of their L-Glutamine to ensure you receive nothing but the finest quality.

How can True Japanese Glutamine enhance my training?                 

True Ajinomoto Glutamine essentially delivers the same benefits of normal Glutamine, however due to it's unrivalled purity it is even more effective. Glutamine assists the body by enhancing key muscle building functions such as protein synthesis, cell hydration and recovery. Through adequate supplementation of Glutamine we can ensure that we maximise the quality of the above listed functions and enhance the overall muscle building process.

True Glutamine also plays a pivotal role in the function of the immune system which is an aspect that should not be overlooked by anyone engaged in regular fitness. When we train intensively the body is subjected to high levels of stress, and Glutamine is rapidly used to supply the necessary fuel for these activities. Post workout Glutamine levels can be as much as halved, leaving your immune system depleted and your body vulnerable to virus and bacteria.

Through supplementation of a premium form of Ajinomoto Glutamine we can ensure we maintain our body in peak capacity and withstand sustained intensive training.

Can I use True Japanese Glutamine with other supplements?

Yes, due to Glutamine's fantastic qualities of maintaining vital body functions, as well as assisting with recovery not only do we advise that it can be stacked as a shake but we strongly recommend it. Glutamine can very effectively be stacked as part of a post workout shake, and of course if required at any other time of day can be consumed on its own.

Suggested Use:

Add 1 heaped Small TP scoop (5 grams) to liquid of your choice, stir and consume. Take 1 serving daily or as required.

Glutamine is a maintenance supplement and how your body feels should act as a good gauge of your requirements. To avoid negative effects on body functions from regular intense training make sure you keep you Glutamine levels regularly topped up. This dosage can be scaled up potentially as high as 15 grams daily, depending on factors such as workout intensity and required recovery time.

Nutritional Information:

True Protein Glutamine Nutritional Information

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