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Trigger Point Quad Baller
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  • Trigger Point Quad Baller

Ever felt like your calves were on fire after all of those double unders in Annie? Looking to roll out and become all nice and supple, this is the tool for you! The Trigger Point Quad Baller provides you with the ability to work away all those tender spots throughout the body. Those burning quads after a few sets of heavy front squats? Trigger Point Quad Baller! Tight IT Bands after some track work? Trigger Point Quad Baller!

Another great tool from the team at Trigger Point, this Quad Baller allows you to roll out completely through
quads, IT band, lower back, hamstrings and neck in a safe effective manner, ON YOUR OWN and HANDS FREE! 

With its patented technology and revolutionary design, the TP Quadballer feels similar to a human hand. This allows you to manipulate the quads similarly to the way your massage therapist would on their massage table. The Quadballer allows you to ;massage the quads in a safe effective way on a daily basis.




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