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RPM Speed Rope Version 3.0 - Session





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  • RPM Speed Rope Version 3.0 - Session
  • RPM Speed Rope Version 3.0 - Session
  • RPM Speed Rope Version 3.0 - Session
  • RPM Speed Rope Version 3.0 - Session
  • RPM Speed Rope Version 3.0 - Session
  • RPM Speed Rope Version 3.0 - Session
  • RPM Speed Rope Version 3.0 - Session
  • RPM Speed Rope Version 3.0 - Session
  • RPM Speed Rope Version 3.0 - Session
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The RPM Speed Rope 3.0 has changed the double under game since it launched.

3.0 RPM Rope Features:

  • 100% precision machined aluminium handles, bomb proof and guaranteed for life.
  • Patented dual axis rotation, allowing your handles to stay on the end of the rope while eliminating torque build up in the cable.
  • Oilite bushing internal anti-friction system for a smooth spin while maximizing power transfer from handle to cable, making for the most efficient rope ever created.
  • Built standard with our clear COATED CABLE (12ft length), but is also compatible with all colors of both our bare and coated cables!  Fast and highly efficient (although not quite as fast and light as our bare cable) our coated cable is the most durable option, can handle a variety of jumping surfaces, and is great for beginners and rope pros alike.  
  • Knurled handles for effortless grip under any condition.
  • Comes with a microfiber bag for easy storage and transport.

What's new on the 3.0?

  • Completely redesigned head, featuring chamfered cable exit points, allowing for a more extreme cable departure angle with less stress on the cable and longer cable life. 
  • All new anchor disc (replaces the ball) for smoother dual axis rotation and the optional addition of locking set screws (standard on comp edition).
  • Improved internal anti-friction through the addition of a flanged oilite bushing, completely eliminating bare metal to metal contact for an even smoother, faster spin, while maintaining that legendary control and power transfer that RPM speed ropes are known for.

    The RPM Speed Rope combines sophisticated technology and beautiful design to reach record-breaking speeds and achieve unparalleled accuracy with every jump.    

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    A range of RPM accessories and spare parts can be found here.

    Some words of advice from the crew at The WOD Life:

    • The 3.0 RPM speed rope is only available with the coated cable, but a RPM Spare Bare Cable can be purchased and used with the rope.
    • The bare cable rope is to be used on gym flooring only - do not use on concrete or asphalt as the bare cable will fray very quickly!

    Prior to use:

    • Ensure the cable is correctly sized and cut with a high quality wire cutter.
    • Ensure the screw is fastened very tightly in the rope to ensure that the bearing and cable are locked in place effectively.

    The video below shows the world record being set.


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