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Rehband 7081 5mm Elbow Sleeve - BLUE - SINGLE





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  • Rehband 7081 5mm Elbow Sleeve - BLUE
  • Rehband 7081 5mm Elbow Sleeve - BLUE
  • Rehband 7081 5mm Elbow Sleeve - BLUE
  • Rehband 7081 5mm Elbow Sleeve - BLUE

The ultimate in elbow compression and support has arrived from Rehband.

The new and improved "BLUE" series 5mm Sleeves provides a firm and comfortable fit, ready for the demands of of power lifts, olympic weightlifting or strongman training. 

Whether you are managing pain, injury, or looking to provide additional compression to warm the knee joints, Rehband's 5mm elbow sleeves promote better blood flow and longevity. 

Reduce the strain on your knees while providing an extra bounce out of the hole during the bench press or on Olympic Lifts. 


  • Prevents strains and wear/tear injuries
  • Suitable for CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and Power Lifting.
  • Provides support and warmth
  • Relieves pressure and improves co-ordination
  • 3D Design to ensure ultimate comfortable and contoured fit
  • IPF and IWF Legal for Raw and Open Competition
  • Sold in Singles

Material: 5mm neoprene flex material

TWL Advice: If you are wanting a tighter fit or on the edge of sizes, select one size smaller than the chart below suggests. 

How to size up:  When measuring, ensure that the elbow is slightly bent (about 30° flexion).


When measuring, measure the circumference at the level of elbow.

A printable TWL Ruler is available to be downloaded here.

Elbow Circumference Support Size
24cm - 26cm S
26cm - 28cm M
28cm - 30cm L
30cm - 32cm XL
32+ cm XXL


The WOD Life Tip: If you are on the edge of a size, we recommend that you go for the lower size as the best performance is found when they fit tight.

Note: This product is priced per sleeve, not per pair.

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