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RAD Roller - Soft



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  • RAD Roller - Soft

The RAD Roller's original massaging tool, providing athletes with a mobility and recovery tool to compliment their CrossFit training.

Aiming to improve your range of movement, the Rad Roller goes to work on your spine, muscle tissue providing quality myofascial release often only provided by expensive massage treatments.

Now you can save and perform all your treatment at home!

What is the difference between the Original, Soft & Stiff Rad Roller?

It's all about density!

  • Soft (featured) is the starting point made from smooth rubber perfect for delicate areas such as your neck.
  • Original is the middle density. The next step up and the all rounder, providing a balance between the delicate areas but not too stiff to aggregate your muscles through use.
  • Stiff is the hardest density available, providing a more rigid, intense, deep tissue like massage.


  • Use with the Rad Block for additional leverage and stability. 

  • Dimensions: 6.5" x 2.5"

  • Materials: Natural rubber

  • Color: Green

  • Unit weight: 29g

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