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  • Pure Pharma Collections - Free Shipping in Australia
  • Pure Pharma Collections - Free Shipping in Australia
  • Pure Pharma Collections - Free Shipping in Australia
  • Pure Pharma Collections - Free Shipping in Australia
  • Pure Pharma Collections - Free Shipping in Australia

This value pack available from The WOD Life will keep you in fighting shape and the advantage is that you can stock up on all your favourite Pure Pharma products in one place and not pay any shipping costs!!

The pack includes 1x Pure Pharma O3, 1x Pure Pharma M3 and 1x Pure Pharma D3 (coconut oil) all delivered to your door with no shipping charge!

Pure Pharma O3

  • Formulated for High Intensity Training
  • Min. 74% Omega-3 Concentration
  • 5:2 EPA:DHA Ratio
  • 900mg Capsules
  • 2000mg Omega-3 per serving
  • Molecularly Destilled - Twice
  • Cold Filtrated

Each bottle contains 120 capsules. Recommended daily serving is 3 capsules.

PurePharma Omega-3 is designed to simply be the purest and most effective product on the market. By utilizing technology, such as molecular distillation, we have obtained extremely low contaminant levels as well as a high concentration of EPA and DHA.

PHARMACEUTICAL QUALITY Each capsule contains min. 74% Omega-3 fatty acids in a 5:2 EPA/DHA ratio.

ULTRA PURE PurePharma Omega-3 is made from small fish and is molecularly distilled to reduce mercury, PCB and dioxin levels.

5 STARS PurePharma Omega-3 is certified and tested for purity and freshness by the independent laboratory IFOSn (International Fish Oil Standards) and is awarded 5 out of 5 stars.

CONSISTENT QUALITY Each batch undergoes individual examinations and must live up to strict quality requirements.

GREAT LEMON TASTE Flavoured with natural lemon oil.

BLACK CAPSULES The black capsules protect the fish oil from sunlight and ensures freshness. Each bottle contains 120 capsules and the recommended daily serving is 3 capsules.

Pure Pharma M3

Magnesium is essential for normal muscle function and plays a central role in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, but is at the same time expelled from muscles during exercise.

By using only the most absorbable and organic forms of Magnesium & Zinc combined with proprietary absorption enhancer (Vitamin B6 and Malic Acid) we have created a product without compromise, designed for performance and recovery.

Malic Acid was originally derived from green apples, and plays a central role in the absorption of minerals and can help prevent build-up of lactic acid in the muscles.

Pure Pharma D3

A new and improved formula, PurePharma D3 now includes Coconut Oil. The ultimate compliment to supplement your training!

Vitamin D3 is naturally synthesised in your skin through exposure to the sun's rays. Low UV index, winter seasons, sunscreen and shade prevents us from producing D-Vitamin ourselves.

    • Maximize Results with Omega-3

    • PurePharma products are specially designed to work synergistically with each other. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin - Take it with your daily dose of PurePharma Omega-3 to maximize results.

    • Natural Vitamin D3

    • 1000IU Vitamin D3 from a natural source per capsule.

  • Coconut Oil

  • To aid absorption, we blend natural Vitamin D3 with organic coconut oil.

Pure Pharma Collections - Free Shipping in Australia


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