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MuscleTrac Mini
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  • MuscleTrac Mini
  • MuscleTrac Mini
  • MuscleTrac Mini

Warm up, recover and prepare for peak performance!

The Muscletrac Mini® is an used by physicians, therapists, trainers, coaches and athletes for promoting muscle regeneration and treating myofascial restrictions. The unique design allows for superficial and deep penetration and stretching of the fascia and muscle tissue. This improves elasticity for optimal muscle performance and force generation.

The Muscletrac Mini allows quick scanning of the entire body to identify and eliminate muscular and fascial restrictions such as muscle tightness and trigger points which reduces the risk of injury and improves biomechanics. 

Effective for addressing common issues such as IT Band Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Calf, Lower Back, Hamstring Tightness and other issues. The MuscleTrac Mini can be used for pre-training warm up and post-training recovery by increasing blow flow, enhancing oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscle tissue while encouraging lactic acid removal. 

This lightweight massage tool is compact and portable, accommodating the traveling athlete. 


  • Locates and eliminates muscle pain, soreness and trigger points
  • Improves tissue elasticity and flexibility
  • Increases circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery
  • Promotes metabolic waste product clearance
  • Stimulates sensory nerves
  • Improves tissue alignment

Muscletrac Range:

Muscletrac Sport - 4 Trac Roller

Muscletrac Elite - 6 Trac Roller

Muscletrac Pro 8 - Trac Roller

Use our unique 3D spin feature to see for yourself how the special shape of the Muscletrac Mini will get into your sore spots and knots.


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