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BlackRoll - DuoBall - Black - SINGLE
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  • BlackRoll - DuoBall - Black - SINGLE
  • BlackRoll - DuoBall - Black - SINGLE

The German made, ultra durable BLACKROLL® DuoBall. A clever tool for relief of back pain, neck pain, tight calfs, quads and achilles tendon problems.

Advantage for Functional Fitness Athletes:

  • will not get soft or deform
  • available in two sizes - diameter 8 cm and 12 cm
  • application along the spine, lower back, upper back, thoracic spine, shoulders and neck
  • also very effective for, self myofascial release and massaging of the achilles tendon area, calf and quad muscles
  • usage on wall and floor


  • DuoBall 8 cm: 16 x 8 x 8 cm
  • DuoBall 12 cm: 27 x 12 x 12 cm

TWL Top Tip: We recommend the DuoBall 12cm for taller people with wider backs whereas the Duoball 8cm would suit smaller people. 





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